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Sam is one of the first points of contact for the customer as he manages the onboarding side of support. Typically, Sam will introduce the process, register the property with High Level and create a personalised system for them.

The average onboarding day can vary depending on scheduled registration, training, integration and ‘Go Live’ sessions. This includes connecting OTAs, integrating with EPOS, importing booking data (where available), and much more.  Whenever onboarding is quiet, Sam occasionally assists the support team by helping with customer queries both via phone and email.

Sam personally enjoys the problem solving aspect of the role. He takes great pleasure in finding a solution to a customer problem that at first he was uncertain of. This also ties into the joy Sam gets out of successfully helping hoteliers. Seeing customers happy with both the system and the quality of support always makes Sam’s day a little better.

Outside of work, Sam loves to surf and generally spend time in the sea. He also has a keen interest in Anteaters and all that they entail.