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It's now possible to keep guests & staff safe and provide a hotel experience guests can look forward to with our new contactless hotel check-in feature

Contactless hotel check-in/check-out

Our contactless hotel check-in feature enables guests to check-in and out using their own smartphone, tablet or another device.

It not only provides peace of mind to your guests, but it also reinforces the confidence that you are following social distancing guidelines.

How it works

Invite guests to express check-in on the day of arrival with an automated email or text that directs them to an online registration form. All information is then captured for check-in and secures the necessary details for track and trace.

On the day of departure, send another automated email or text that guides guests through a one-touch online check-out process.

Link seamlessly with our payment gateway

Our contactless check-in feature links seamlessly with our PMS payment gateway to easily store credit card details against reservations.

No matter the booking, it takes a deposit, pays the balance, or simply stores a credit card against the reservation. It then generates a confirmation email where there's an opportunity to include any additional instructions for your guests.

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Electronic invoices for simple check-out

If there isn't any outstanding balance when it comes to checking out then it’s a simple one-click check-out process. Where there is a balance, it provides an itemised breakdown and various payment options.

Once the process is complete, guests are sent an automated email including an electronic invoice where you can include instructions for guests to deposit keys.

Boost hotel revenue

Make it easy for guests to enjoy their stay with contactless room and table service ordered directly from their smartphone or tablet.

Besides keeping guests and staff safe, you also improve food and beverage profitability, enhance operational efficiency and boost hotel revenue post lockdown.

Eliminate front desk queues

Guarantee front desk, restaurant and bar queues are kept to a minimum so your guests’ stay becomes a safe and simple process.

Following social distancing guidelines means your guests will feel confident in your processes and want to stay again.

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Real-time updates to your PMS

To satisfy track and trace, you can now save all guest information to your PMS and that also includes third-party website bookings. This presents new opportunities to send marketing and promotional messages to these guests.

As technology becomes an integral part of your guests’ experience, it helps you cut third-party booking costs, increase bookings and boost profitability.

What’s more … it’s completely free

We realise how important it is for hotels to follow social distancing guidelines while keeping costs down. That is why our contactless guest check-in feature is an integral part of our PMS system. Simply turn it on completely free of charge and start your contactless guest experience!

There are no hidden costs. All you pay for are the text messaging alerts and integration to our payment gateway. Why not see for yourself and book a demo with us?