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We understand that the hospitality industry is going through an uncertain time and you and your staff are on the front line of this. So, we’ve put together these notes on best practise to take care of your staff during COVID-19 and to help guide you, our customer, through this difficult period:

Update your staff

Good communication is key, more so than ever right now. Ensure you circulate all relevant information to all staff as and when you receive it. During this current crisis, misinformation has played a large role in driving panic, not process. Advise your staff to only pay attention to guidance provided by reputable sources and the government. Funnily enough, the numerous self-proclaimed health experts on Twitter are not as helpful as large teams of career experts.

A reduced flow of customer numbers should provide you with more time to implement your new hygiene and quarantine procedures without causing staff confusion. Encourage staff to work together and skill share – this is a good opportunity to up-skill and train members of staff.

Aside from your own internal training and policies, make sure you have honest and frank conversations with all employees about their current health status, and reassure them that it’s ok to speak up. Losing a few members of staff to isolation is one thing, but losing a majority of to staff feeling unwell could risk a complete pause on your business.

Put a plan in place

Planning and risk assessment are always essential, however during this unprecedented time you may need to consider additional protocols.

You should discuss what happens if a member of staff develops symptoms or reports that they’re feeling unwell. In the worst-case scenario that either yourself or several members of your staff become infected, closing down temporarily may be not only the safest option; but the only option. Ensure that in this and any other down-time eventualities that there is a clear plan in place for yourself and your team to follow.

Reassess procedures

Take this opportunity to re-evaluate current internal procedures. For instance, whilst we know that cleanliness is a given in this current climate, reflect inward on how your team can better protect themselves whilst cleaning – think disposable gloves and stronger cleaning equipment. This could prove to be invaluable.

It’s very important to be regimented with your new, albeit temporary, guidelines. In terms of training staff to handle any situation that may arise, follow carefully the advice provided by the World Health Organisation, along with other reputable sources as mentioned earlier.

Things will begin to normalise eventually, and ultimately, you’ll be remembered for handling the situation well. This will undoubtedly contribute to future successes within the business and with staff loyalty, and it will shine a positive light on how you operate during uniquely trying times.

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