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We understand that the hospitality industry is going through a period of uncertainty, so if there was ever a time to put guests a mile above even the bottom line in your business, it’s now. To help, we’ve put together these notes on best practise to take care of your guests during COVID-19, and to help guide you, our customer, through this difficult period:

Protect to prevent

More so now than ever, cleanliness will be the prime factor in every decision you make for the foreseeable future. Up the frequency of your deep cleans, especially in public spaces which experience higher traffic, such as reception. Provide ample supplies of soap and hand sanitiser (if you can get your hands on any) throughout the property, with signs encouraging people to wash their hands regularly.

Attention must be paid to even the smallest of things, such as light switches and TV remotes. The more effort you put into your new hygiene rituals the more comfortable your guests will feel. Even during this pandemic, a few good reviews about your attention to detail will make all the difference.

Communication is key

It’s important to let your guests know that you’re taking these extra precautions. Not only is this added attention to detail great for your customer service, but it will help them to relax and rest assured that you are taking every available option to ensure their well-being.

We’d also recommend that you email all pre-booked guests to check how they are and whether they have any questions concerning your hygiene practices.

Staff should be fully clued-up on all information available so there’s no external confusion on your practices. The better your communication (both within your hotel and online) to show you’re taking this issue seriously, the better you’ll fair in the uncertainty that lies ahead of us.

Be flexible

Rigidity does not often fare well during times of uncertainty. You need to consider adapting to a changing customer attitude.

People will feel much more at ease booking with your hotel if they know they’re able to cancel without losing money, so embrace this as a policy if you don’t already. Another idea could be to introduce some form of voucher; whether it be as a gifting utility or a delayed booking function.

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