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The Customer

Brathay Lodge is a family run 4 Star Guest Accommodation with 20 bedrooms, located in the heart of the Lake District.

The High Level appeal

  • Increase in direct bookings from loyalty and voucher system
  • An intuitive system, easy to use and to train new members of staff
  • Increased visibility through High Level Software’s real-time channel manager

What the customer said: 

‘Our direct bookings have increased from 31% to 56% over the last 5 years due to High Level Software’s loyalty and voucher schemes etc.

We were previously using a different system and although it had its plus points it was unable to link up to as many booking OTA’s via the channel manager. It also didn’t have the flexibility that we required to assist in increasing direct bookings.

We joined High Level from the beginning as it offered all the requirements that we needed to run a small business, unlike the bigger front office systems that I have used previously that are both designed around larger business and significantly more costly!

I would certainly recommend High Level Software for those wishing to improve the management of bookings, guest experience, staff retention and great customer service!’