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The Customer

The Lovesgrove Country Guest House is a 10 bedroom property, a short distance from the historic town of Pembroke with a relaxing feel and picturesque setting.

The High Level appeal

  • Remove commission on direct bookings
  • Excellent UK based customer support, there every step of the way
  • An affordable system with a flat rate monthly fee, making budgeting straightforward

What the customer said: 

‘With my previous system I was paying commission on direct bookings. The statements were complicated and not very easy to understand. It didn’t have the tools to drive direct bookings and the customer support wasn’t as good as I felt it should be.

High Level Software, on the other hand, has lots of features to drive direct bookings such as packages, extras, voucher codes and email marketing. I don’t worry about getting more direct bookings as they are totally commission free and I keep all the extra revenue. The flat-fee means I can budget accurately and the system is very easy to navigate.

If you’re thinking of using High Level Software I’d say do it. The transition was smooth and High Level took care of everything. All of my bookings were imported without a break in service. The support is second to none and they are always on hand to answer any questions. I would 100% recommend High Level Software to anyone thinking about moving.’