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Enhancing the guest experience

The result

With the help of the innovative cloud-based PMS, High Level Software (HLS), part of Zonal group’s suite of solutions, Oakman Inns has streamlined its business, boosted productivity and improved guest service. Here’s how the team achieved it.

What we did

Technology now plays a vital role in making guests feel safe. Over the past year, there has been a huge leap in the adoption of technology at every part of the guest journey to facilitate contactless and safer experiences. 45% of consumers already expect to see automated check-in in hotels in the future whilst 62% are attracted to the possibility of being able to make requests and queries about hotel facilities digitally. Hoteliers, whatever the size of their operation, need to meet customer expectations and make the most of these opportunities offered by technology.

Pete Saunders is the Sales and Revenue Manager of the multiple award-winning pub group, Oakman Inns, and is well versed in all aspects of hospitality technology. Having been at Oakman Inns for seven years, he and his team take great pride in the unique offering the group provides for guests and continuously look for ways to enhance the guest experience through technology.

“We’re going through a phase of expansion and it is important that we have a property management system in place that can be implemented and streamlined across the whole business,” he said.

“Luckily for us, the HLS PMS is fully integrated into our existing Zonal EPoS, meaning better reporting, centralised rate and revenue management and an increase in productivity, enabling us to make vital changes on a group level as opposed to having to repeat the same task multiple times.”

As a company that prides itself on delivering top-quality hospitality and service to its guests, Pete explains how Oakman Inns was keen to implement a tech solution that was intuitive and efficient, allowing team members to focus on serving guests.

Saunders is clear that the hotel sector needs to maintain the technology it currently uses post-pandemic, but also keep up with innovations so that it can offer guests a frict onless, integrated experience in-line with their expectations.

“The long-term benefits of tech for the end user span far beyond the immediate challenges of COVI0-19 and with our tech partners we’ll be looking to capitalise on the opportunities this offers us as a hotel operator. We’re looking at ways technology can be used to enhance the overall experience at every step of the customer journey, even look ng at such innovations as using your mobile to unlock the door to your room.”Oakman Inns

HLS offers an unrivalled suite of guest experience and revenue management solutions for the hotel industry, with seamless integrations into Zonal group’s wider eco-system of hospitality technology. This joined-up technology gives guests the best possible experience, both at the time of booking, during their stay and beyond.