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Stewart Moss, MD at High Level Software

Stewart Moss

Managing Director

In the fast-paced world of hospitality, the quest to deliver exceptional guest experiences while optimising operational efficiency has never been more critical. Enter Zonal’s suite of connected hotel technology solutions; from streamlining check-in processes to offering self-service room service options, the value of connecting your business-critical tech systems in your hotel is undeniable.

Take a tour around Zonal’s Virtual Hotel and experience the future of hotel technology firsthand. From pre-arrival to post-stay, our innovative suite of connected hotel technology solutions ensures a seamless and unforgettable guest experience at every point in your guests’ journey.

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Seamless reception technology

Our innovative hotel reception technology redefines the check-in process by allowing guests to complete their check-in remotely, bypassing the need to queue at the front desk and saving time upon arrival. With Zonal’s digital key technology, room access is effortless as guests can simply use their smartphone to unlock the door, putting them in complete control of their check-in experience.

What’s more, if a guest hasn’t made a reservation, our PMS software can seamlessly check hotel availability, as well as other sister hotel sites. But that’s not all, once guests are settled in, they can order refreshments from their mobile, tablet, or computer and add them to their room booking. At every touchpoint, Zonal’s connected hotel technology ensures a seamless and enjoyable guest stay.

In-room hotel technology

Zonal’s cutting-edge technology seamlessly integrates room service, restaurant reservations, and check-out functionalities for ultimate convenience. With your smartphone, tablet, or computer, guests can order room service for delicious F&B options delivered directly to their room, ensuring a hassle-free dining experience. It also allows guests to make restaurant reservations with ease, with the added benefit of receiving promotional offers such as 20% off on select dining experiences.

Additionally, guests can check-out of their room, eliminating the need for a visit to the front desk. What’s more, all transactions are seamlessly linked to Zonal’s EPoS and PMS systems, ensuring that loyalty points are automatically added to guest accounts, rewarding them for their custom. With our innovative in-room technology, ensuring guests enjoy a luxurious stay and earn rewards has never been easier.

Restaurant and bar technology

Zonal’s restaurant and bar technology ensures a faultless and enjoyable dining experience for every guest, regardless of their booking status. Arriving without a reservation? No problem – our system efficiently manages walk-in guests, quickly finding them a table and ensuring a smooth dining experience. For those arriving with a reservation, our technology ensures a table is ready for guests upon arrival.

Our party booking feature allows hoteliers to reserve a section of the restaurant or bar for your group, ensuring a memorable and exclusive experience. Once seated, guests can easily order drinks at the bar using our intuitive interface, with our front-of-house system streamlining the process for staff and ensuring prompt service.

Our system also manages room service orders, allowing guests to enjoy F&B options in the comfort of their room, with the ability to add orders to their room reservation and claim loyalty points for every purchase.

Whether paying at the table, on mobile, or adding charges to the room, guests can enjoy a seamless and rewarding dining experience.

Kitchen technology

Zonal’s kitchen technology revolutionises the dining experience, ensuring efficiency and precision at every step of the experience. Orders seamlessly flow from our EPoS system to the kitchen, detailing food items and any allergies, allowing our chefs to craft each dish with care and attention to dietary needs.

Once ready, the chef pages the server to deliver the food to the table, ensuring prompt service and a smooth dining experience for guests. Additionally, our system tracks preparation time, stock usage, and other back-of-house metrics, providing valuable insights for future analysis and optimisation.

Furthermore, our recipe management feature allows chefs to manage food waste, address dish complaints, and adjust recipes accordingly, ensuring consistency and quality in every dish.

With inventory management and stock control capabilities, our team can easily monitor stock levels and replenish items when running low. This not only updates the menu in real-time but also automates the ordering process, ensuring a steady supply of ingredients from pre-assigned suppliers and thus ensuring your hotel delivers an exceptional dining experience to your guests.

Post-stay technology

Even after guests check out of your hotel, the journey continues with the help of Zonal’s post-stay technology. Our integrated suite of customer engagement tools ensures that we stay connected with our guests, driving repeat bookings, and fostering ongoing engagement with your hotel. From loyalty schemes that reward guests for their loyalty and encourage repeat visits to promotional emails featuring vouchers that entice guests to return for dining experiences, our technology enables targeted marketing efforts that drive F&B sales.

Additionally, Zonal’s post-stay technology enables your website to serve as a platform for selling gift cards and provide guests with the opportunity to share their positive experiences with others.

By fully integrating these customer engagement tools with our wider suite of hospitality technology, we help hoteliers maximise efficiency, leverage valuable data insights, and unlock more opportunities to increase profits for your hotel. At Zonal, the guest journey extends beyond their stay, and our post-stay technology ensures that we continue to deliver exceptional experiences and build lasting relationships with your guests.


Zonal is committed to providing comprehensive solutions that enhance every aspect of the guest experience, from check-in to check-out and beyond, ensuring that hoteliers stay ahead of the curve in today’s dynamic hotel technology landscape.

If you’d like to discuss your current technology requirements, our team of hospitality tech experts would be happy to help.

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