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Real-time connection

Our channel manager connects to your OTA’s and your website booking engine in ‘real-time’ so you can advertise all your rooms, on all channels, all the time, without the fear of overbookings.

It connects to your hotel PMS providing you with complete control over your inventory, rates and restrictions from one screen. Whatsmore, all details are collected, including guest and payment information.

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Hotel Channel Manager

What's included?

Connect to 250+ OTA's

Maximise your reach and attract guests from all over the world. Our hotel channel manager enables you to manage online, direct and OTA bookings to eliminate overbookings, increase hotel occupancy and maximise profitability.

Improve rate management

Our PMS channel manager gives you the control to manage individual channels, including rates and offers. You decide when, what rates, restrictions and offers you advertise on each channel, all from one system. While this improves efficiency, it also saves you money and maximises hotel revenue.

Booking engine integration

Our hotel PMS channel manager seamlessly integrates with our mobile-friendly booking engine, enabling you to manage direct bookings and other channel bookings. Everything is managed in our PMS and then all channels are updated automatically.

Hotel channel manager reviews

Hear from other hoteliers to see why they chose and love our system:

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