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Stewart Moss, MD at High Level Software

Stewart Moss

Managing Director

Born between 1997 and 2012, the Gen Z generation are frequent travellers and are therefore having a significant impact on the hospitality industry. Here’s how:

#1. Over 52% of Gen Z adults are frequent travellers, meaning they took at least three leisure trips in the past year, on par with millennials.

#2. Gen Z travellers are motivated by adventure and improving mental health and are comfortable navigating city settings, using mass transportation and other services that allow for inexpensive, accessible travel.

#3. They expect travel to be accessible and inclusive to all people, not just the highest-earning, most privileged consumers.

Hoteliers must focus on inclusivity and accessibility to build a strong foundation with Gen Zers as they solidify their travel habits and preferences.

Here’s a great article from Morning Consult.

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