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Daily Round-up

Planning for life after Covid19 is essential.  We’ll round up the best advice online to help you formulate your plans through these turbulent times and beyond.

Revenue management will be a critical aspect of recovery

The CEO of Best Western GB has stressed the importance of revenue management post Covid-19.

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How Should Hotels Set Room Rates Now and After the Coronavirus Crisis?

Discover some great advice on managing your room rates during this period.

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11 ways marketing can prepare hotels for life after COVID-19

Your marketing strategy is more important than ever. Get prepared with these tips.

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Best Practice Notes

To help guide you through this time of uncertainty we’ve prepared some notes on best practise for you to help take care of your hotel business, staff and guests.

Taking care of your business during COVID-19

From assessing and adjusting your pricing strategy to preparing for when the pandemic is over, we guide you through steps you can take to help protect your hotel business.

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Taking care of your guests during COVID-19

Your guests are the heart and soul of your business and this can be a concerning time for them to travel. So we've put together this advice on how to ease their minds and protect their well-being.

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Taking care of your staff during COVID-19

Your staff are on the front line and are vital to keeping your hotel running smoothly during this difficult time. From new procedures to putting a plan in place we look at what you can do to keep them safe.

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Webinar coming soon:

Whether the effects of COVID-19 are brief or long-lasting, hoteliers need to do everything possible to endure such challenging times and optimise their businesses performance during and after the crisis. Join us for our webinar, to learn how your HLS system can help to create strategies on how to revenue manage and market your property digitally during the time of Coronavirus.

Some blogs you may find helpful

4 ways to minimise the impact COVID-19 has on your hotel

As a collective the travel industry is facing the prospect of a quiet couple of months, but this doesn't have to mean empty rooms! Check out our four tips to minimise the impact of Coronavirus on your hotel.

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Quick fixes to drive bookings during COVID-19

The next few months are uncertain and there is a lot of confusion surrounding how long the impact of COVID-19 will affect the travel market. So, we've put together some quick tips on how you can continue to drive bookings until we get back to business as usual.

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We would like to reassure our customers that we are fully prepared and committed to providing you with the products, services and support you rely on through this challenging time.

As our partner, we know the important part our system(s) play in your business. You have our commitment to keep providing you with the products, services and support you rely on.

We are of course following government guidelines, as the health and well-being of our team is paramount. With the help of our parent company, Zonal, we are routing inbound calls to our teams working at home and adding an instant email button to the PMS, so you can directly contact our team. We will remain available for both telephone and email support throughout the coming weeks.

As always, we will keep you updated through email and all our social channels.

We hope that you’re keeping well and safe; please do keep in touch. We value your business and look forward to supporting you now and in the future.

As always, we are here to help.
Rhys Swinburn
Managing Director
High Level

We will be updating this hub continuously over the coming weeks with updates, advice and material we think you’ll find helpful during this time. You can also reach out to our support team at anytime by emailing: