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Stewart Moss, MD at High Level Software

Stewart Moss

Managing Director

Held amidst an atmosphere buzzing with innovation and collaboration, the summit proved to be an exceptional platform for unveiling cutting-edge solutions, sharing invaluable insights, and forecasting upcoming trends poised to revolutionise the hospitality sector.

The event served as a melting pot of ideas, where industry pioneers and tech enthusiasts congregated to explore the evolving landscape of hotel technology. Through a series of presentations, panel discussions, and interactive sessions, attendees delved into topics ranging from the latest advancements in hotel management software to the integration of artificial intelligence and automation.

The summit also provided a platform for thought-provoking discussions on emerging trends and disruptive innovations poised to reshape the future of the hotel industry. Attendees eagerly exchanged ideas on topics such as contactless check-in/out procedures, the harnessing of AI to elevate guest experiences, and the role of data analytics in personalised guest services, underscoring the industry’s collective commitment to staying ahead of the curve.

For those unable to attend the summit in person, we have made the presentations from the day available to download. By accessing these resources, hoteliers and industry professionals can gain invaluable insights into the latest technological developments driving the hospitality sector forward.

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