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Stewart Moss, MD at High Level Software

Stewart Moss

Managing Director

Here are some of the latest trends:

#1. Premium rooms are in high demand again, and their prices are increasing accordingly.

#2. Weekday guests tend to avoid queen-bed rooms, which are more popular on weekends. To stimulate demand, hotels are now offering lower prices for queen-bed rooms on weekdays and higher prices on weekends.

#3. To reduce the burden of turning around rooms, hotels are offering incentives for longer stays of three nights or more.

#4. Revenue managers are utilising technology to dynamically adjust the pricing of upgraded room types based on demand, optimising revenue, and occupancy (via a cloud-based PMS)

#5. As loyalty recognition becomes increasingly important, hotels are considering free upgrades more seriously – to a higher tier – for loyal guests.

Here’s a good article from CoStar Group

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