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Pete Saunders, Head of Relationships, High Level Software

Pete Saunders

Head of Relationships

The scheme empowers UK hospitality businesses to demonstrate their commitment to operating safely within current industry standards and legislation. What’s more, it’s more than just a compliance tool, it equips establishments with the knowledge to meet today’s expectations for safety and cleanliness.

Understanding the Visitor Ready Digital Accreditation Scheme

With consumers becoming more selective over where they choose to visit, demonstrating a commitment to safety, ethical practices, and cleanliness has become essential for businesses in the industry. In response, the Visitor Ready Digital Accreditation Scheme was launched. This initiative, introduced in February 2024, offers hotels, restaurants, tourist attractions, and transportation services a free and pioneering opportunity to elevate the visitor experience within the hospitality sector.

The scheme stems from the modernisation and simplification of quality assessment frameworks previously utilised by the AA and VisitEngland. By making compliance accessible to all businesses in hospitality, it aims to ensure that establishments meet and exceed current industry standards. This strategic initiative not only boosts confidence among visitors but also supports businesses in maintaining high operational standards and fostering trust within their communities.

Purpose of the Scheme

  • Safety and compliance. Ensures businesses operate safely within legal and industry standards.
  • Visitor Expectations. Helps businesses understand and meet the evolving expectations of today’s selective visitors.
  • Ethical Practices: Promotes ethical business practices, enhancing trust and reputation.
  • Accessibility: Simplifies the accreditation process, making it accessible to all hospitality businesses.

Implementation and Accessibility

  • Scope: The scheme is open to all businesses operating in the hospitality, leisure, and tourism sectors.
  • Free Access. It’s a pioneering initiative that is free to participate in, ensuring broad accessibility across the hospitality industry.
  • Quality Assurance. AA and VisitEngland’s baseline quality accreditation scheme is free and accessible to all.

Benefits for Hotels

  • Enhanced Reputation. Demonstrates a commitment to high standards, boosting trust among guests.
  • Operational Guidance. Provides clear guidelines on safety, cleanliness, and service excellence.
  • Competitive Edge. Differentiates accredited businesses in a competitive market, attracting fastidious guests.
  • Industry Alignment. Aligns with current industry trends and guest preferences, ensuring relevance and appeal.

Benefits for Guests

  • Assured Standards: Guests can trust accredited establishments to meet stringent safety and cleanliness criteria.
  • Confidence: Provides peace of mind through transparent compliance with industry standards.
  • Consistency: Ensures consistent quality across various hotel services, enhancing overall guest satisfaction.


The Visitor Ready Digital Accreditation Scheme marks a significant step forward in ensuring excellence within the UK hospitality sector.

By embracing accreditation, hoteliers not only meet regulatory requirements but also cater to the expectations of today’s informed and more selective guests.

As the scheme continues to evolve and expand, it promises to set a new standard for hospitality excellence, fostering trust, satisfaction, and growth across the industry.

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