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Want to integrate Lightspeed with your HLS PMS?

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Lightspeed is an IOS based POS solution for restaurants and bars. A POS that allows you to create your menu in seconds, update your floor plan directly in the system, impress customers with photos of items and allow your staff to focus on creating a unique restaurant experience.

Lightspeed Restaurant is the all-in-one cloud-based solution for restaurateurs. One place to manage your sales reports, staff, inventory, customer data, marketing and much more. No matter what you serve, everything you need is under one roof with Lightspeed.

  • Faster turnaround with tableside ordering: No matter where customers are sitting at a table, bar or on the terrace always offer them on-the-spot service.
  • Manage your entire business in one place: Lightspeed will always help you work as efficiently as possible thanks to custom floor plans, menu management, timed events and staff management.
  • Run reports from anywhere: Get access to all your data and reports via iPad, mobile phone or desktop computer. Whenever, wherever.
  • The kind of support you’ve always wanted: Lightspeed’s support team is always there to answer all your questions and give you free advice, 24/7.

Lightspeed is designed to make all your operations run smoothly. It also integrates seamlessly with other software, making it an unbeatable suite of restaurant solutions.