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The POS Logix Electronic Point of Sale system is a fresh look at EPOS and sets the standard for intuitive touch screen user interface design.

From the outset, we have designed our software to be user friendly and follow common user interface trends that people are already familiar with.#

Our software has a simple and easy to use design that makes it easy for users to grasp.

We don’t just write EPOS software, we’re here to help you at every step in order to make the most of your EPOS system.

A purpose written cloud synchronisation system allows information to synchronise between each device in real-time, allowing you to keep trading even if the internet connection goes offline. (excludes online card authentication).

The system uses professional Point of Sale hardware and is scalable from one to many sites so it can grow alongside your organisation.

With a wide range of modules to choose from POS Logix Sales terminal is the ideal choice for businesses large and small.