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The gift card that keeps giving!

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Gift Cards


Invite new customers to your venue with gift cards

Zonal’s gift card solution, available exclusively to Zonal EPoS customers, makes it easy for your customers to introduce friends and family to your venue. Create a new revenue stream through the sale of gift cards, irrespective of whether they’re redeemed or not; and if recipients do take advantage, you have the chance to show a new group of customers just how amazing your venue really is!

The gift that keeps on giving

You can choose whether to sell gift cards with fixed amounts – £20, £50, £100 – or allow customers to purchase gift cards with their own preferred amount.  Gift cards may not always be redeemed in the same venue where they’re purchased. If you operate more than one site, you can encourage increased visits to additional venues by allowing gift cards to be redeemed across your entire estate.

Fully integrated with Zonal’s EPoS system for easy redemption and reconciliation

Gift card redemption is automatically managed at the PoS. This means there’s no special training or instructions necessary for your staff. Simple visual prompts will tell your staff what to do when taking payment via gift cards. It’s easy for your customers and easy for your staff.

This Zonal Integrations is FREE of charge. You will not be charged for any set up or maintenance for this integration.