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Loyalty programmes to reward your most valuable customers

Available exclusively to Zonal EPoS customers, Zonal’s loyalty management system gives you the tools to build smart loyalty programmes that reward your most loyal customers and encourage increased spend and frequency of visits, giving you a better understanding of customer behaviour.

An EPoS-connected platform

Full integration with EPoS means your systems share customer data, which you can use to build your loyalty programmes. The integration also allows you to easily measure the effectiveness of your campaigns and track redemption.

Easily allocate points and rewards

Creating and updating your loyalty card programmes – whether it’s online, in an app or a physical card, is quick and easy. Once set up, they operate automatically, effectively running themselves, giving you maximum results with minimal input from you and your team.

This Zonal Integrations is FREE of charge. You will not be charged for any set up or maintenance for this integration.