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Emphasise your increased hygiene procedures

You’ll already have your own hygiene procedures set in place, but now is the time to re-assess and increase their frequency and thoroughness. Let potential guests know that you’ll be paying even more attention to the cleanliness of your hotel during this uncertain time. The more comfortable a person feels with your message, the more likely they are to make the decision and stay with you.

Focus your attention on the staycation market

With border closures and restrictions, welcoming many guests from abroad at this time would be surprising. Instead, focus your efforts toward staycations. While these are not usually the go-to for many holiday makers, the current uncertainty of booking abroad and the cancellation of many trips will motivate some to consider the staycation market. So, make sure you’re making yourself known as one of these options!

Reduce the booking uncertainty potential guests will experience

The next few months are uncertain and there is a lot of confusion surrounding how long the impact of COVID-19 will affect the travel market. Try and make a conscious effort to reduce this uncertainty. If you have non-refundable rates on offer currently, perhaps consider offering more flexibility in your policies alongside an option for a free re-booking should guests wish to cancel in the short term.

Alter your cancellation policy

A clear and friendly cancellation policy will be invaluable to a potential guest. It removes the uncertainty around their decision making when browsing for accommodation. They can rest assured that if the unfortunate happens and they are no longer able to travel, they are protected from losing their money. As we mention above, perhaps offer a ‘transferable booking’ as a rate. “Can’t make it right now? No problem. Let us know when we can greet you next.”

What to do if the infection level rises in your area

If the unthinkable happens and your area becomes one that travelling to is longer an option, use this time to look inward and think about what could be done to improve the overall quality of your premises. Time to get started on that DIY list that has been hiding in the back of the draw, neglected due to time constraints! Once the quarantine period is over, you’ll be as ready as ever to fill your hotel up with holiday-hungry guests.

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