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Stewart Moss, MD at High Level Software

Stewart Moss

Managing Director

Automated hotels are here, but – would you enjoy staying in such a place? I am on the fence…

It is an interesting model. A solution that will have its limitations and that will only work for a certain type of provider?

For all those non-automated hotels. The ‘right amount’ of tech, can make all the difference to your operation.

As a former operator myself, in every talk we take part in I have a slide called, ‘If I knew then, what I know now!’

So many points of friction for my customers could’ve been avoided over the years. So many queues, missed sales and delays. If only we’d had the right tech stacks in those businesses! (And this is why I am so happy to be at High Level Software – we get a real kick out of helping our customers.)

At HLS, our cloud-based tools and cherry-picked integrations are incredible resources for the modern Hotelier. We are a ‘360 solution’ and we are adding value to hotels of all shapes and sizes.

This is where I would start with my Hotels Tech Stack

#1.  Transition to the cloud

Step one. A must: cloud systems reduce onsite costs and open up your hotel to the possibility of connecting with a wide range of apps.

You can super-charge your hotel’s performance via cherry-picked software; particularly savvy hoteliers integrate all areas of their operation together, ensuring that they gather real-time data and a better understanding of their customer’s needs.

#2. Revenue Management Software

A full overview of all booking channels and real-time connections should be a prime concern.

The advancements in revenue management systems mean hotels can even deploy more sophisticated payment models, including subscriptions. Extend guest stays and allow your tech partner to enlarge the revenue potential of your hotel.

#3. Labour Management Software

Grow sales by effective labour deployment and maximise revenue opportunities (and your teams will thank you for more productive shifts).

#4. Frictionless Payments

Think ‘resort’: your customers want to be able to move through your business with ease.

They also want to be able to book/pay for additional services without having to go to or contact your reception team.

#5 Communication Platforms

Software to ensure you’ve everything you need to communicate with your customers, all together in one place: SMS / Email and social media. Never miss an opportunity to chat (and

#6 Self Check in / out

Contactless features that allow guests to self-administer parts of their arrival journeys are fast becoming an expectation.

The benefits are many, reduced queue time, staffing, and transaction speed. Automation of this operational element can even provide higher upsell opportunities, screens don’t forget to ask you to upgrade.

#7 Chatbots

This technology can dramatically improve your customer service; chatbots can instantly respond to your guests 24/7 and give immediate answers to those commonly posed questions – in any language.

The convenience of this cannot be overstated, requests are swiftly handled, and your phone lines will be significantly quieter.

#8 Great CRM Tool

Know your guests so that you can incentivise them to book direct. In doing so, you can capture their data for marketing purposes and target their return with automated upsell emails and tailored offers post-stay.

#9 Loyalty Schemes & Gift cards

Retailers can create and keep close control of digital and physical gift cards through web-based value management systems and consumer and B2B portals. These portals can be up and running in
just weeks…

#10 A Beautiful PMS

HLS creates intuitive cloud-based software for accommodation providers of any shape and size. Our core product is an elegant, and innovative property management system (PMS).

We also offer a wealth of cherry-picked partner integrations too. In short: once you have our PMS, you can access an app store built for hoteliers . . . we make hoteliers’ lives easier!

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